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What Differentiates Atlantic Driving School From The Rest?

When it comes time for you & your family to select a driving school, do you have certain “qualifications” you look for in an organization, or do you typically choose what it just closest in proximity to your home?

Here at Atlantic Driving School, we highly recommend you take a moment to read through our suggestions below prior to making that final decision of which one to spend your time and money with.

First, the driving school’s safety record. Our instructors adhere to a strict code of conduct and teaching standards that are closing evaluated by our owners. We are a family-run business for over three decades and take our standards very seriously.

Responsiveness. This a people business and we believe very highly in serving those that need our assistance. Whether for brand-new drivers or seniors that need to be re-licensed. We are here at the ready to field your questions and get you and/or your family member scheduled and through their required education as promptly and as professionally as possible.

Size of Service Area. After recently opening our second location in Bayville, we now have the capability to educate clients all through Ocean County. Our expanded service area provides our clients more convenience for their driving experience.

Access to Female Instructors. For the comfort level of our female students, families have the ability to schedule driver education and testing with one of our experienced female instructors.

Driver instruction can be a stressful experience, especially for our first-time drivers. It is our mission at Atlantic Driving School to quell that stress and provide the most positive experience through an instructor with the utmost integrity as possible.

We’ll steer you in the right direction. It’s what has kept us going for the last 30 years!

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