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Road test jitters? We have your back!

Are you scheduled soon to take your road test in New Jersey? With nearly three decades of experience in driver education, Atlantic Driving School can give you a “wheel up” on being prepared so you ace this all-important exam.

Perhaps you’re a prospective new driver hoping to hit the road soon. If so, let us give you some tips and advice on how to pass your New Jersey driver’s license test.

Practice makes better practice

The old saying, “practice makes perfect” couldn’t be truer. Practicing your driving skills plenty before you take the test is a great way to calm your nerves and leave you feeling fully prepared and confident heading into the road test portion of your exam. Make sure to schedule your six hours of ‘Behind the Wheel’ with Atlantic Driving School and one of our experienced instructors.

We recommend using anything your parents or driving instructor is telling you as constructive feedback and learn from it. You, your family and your Atlantic Driving School instructor all have the same goal – to have you pass the road test with flying colors. They can also offer you tips from their experience of being in real-life situations on the road.

Know the Rules of the Road          

Studying New Jersey’s state laws and regulations for its drivers may be enough to pass the written exam portion of the driver’s license test, but it is a better idea to really understand each rule and make it a habit of following them as you practice driving.

Simulate Road Test

A few things that are typically included in the road test that you’ll want to keep in mind are parallel parking, checking for oncoming traffic when pulling out of a parking space or parking lot, making complete stops, knowing how to use the emergency break, yielding at intersections lane changes, signaling, use of mirrors, maintaining speed limit, safe following distances, and more. Our Atlantic Driving School instructors will make sure you feel confident tackling these aspects of the road test.

Test Day Tips

On the day of the test, try not to be nervous. If you’ve done all of the above, you should be fully prepared. But while you’re taking your driver’s license test, be sure to focus on the road and not your instructor, don’t get hung up on mistakes, and make sure you’re using a vehicle you feel fully comfortable with – one that you have driven prior.

Good luck and Atlantic Driving School will be here to support and answer any questions you and your family have along the way.

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