6 hours behind the wheel Cost: $480.00.

**There is an additional charge of 3% to your total if you are using a credit card as a form of payment**

6 hours of instruction is broken up into 3 x 2-hour lessons or 2 x 3-hour lessons. No lesson will exceed 3 hours.

When signing up, the parent/guardian or student must notify the school of any health/mental condition or medications that could impair the student’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. The condition or medication must be clearly defined. The school reserves the right to reschedule any lesson, without prior notice, should the instructor believe the student’s physical or mental condition is not conducive to safe, proper vehicle operation. The instructor must approve the student’s clothing. Bare feet, slides, flip-flops, or high heels are not acceptable. The student MUST have their validated permit or driver’s license with them during the lessons.

Forty-eight (48) hours advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Cancellations must be made by speaking to our office staff (609) 597-0900 or emailing us at atlanticdrivingschoolnj@gmail.com Leaving a message on our voicemail outside office hours does not constitute giving us notice. Please check out our website for our full policies, rules and regulations. The student may rescind the agreement within 72 hours of the first (1st) lesson and upon such rescission shall receive a refund for any lesson or service not conducted or provided.

I have read, understand and comply with every provision of this agreement and by my signature, hereby certify that I accept and agree to abide by them.

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Corrective Lenses(Required)
If corrective lenses/glasses are worn, they must be worn during the lessons.